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In his little boat, the boatman
Is seized with a savage woe,
He’d rather look up at the mountain
Than down at the rocks below …

Heinrich Heine, Lorelei
translated by A. Z. Foreman

Ferdinand Keller, Lorelei
Ferdinand Keller, The Lorelei

Yes , it’s you — The Lorelei !

Lorelei – Keller, Ferdinand (Karlsruhe 1842 – Baden-Baden 1922). The Lorelei. Sitting in the rocks above the Rhine and combing her long rich hair. Toned wood engraving for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1875/76.) Inscribed in the stock: Keller 1875 / X. A. v. A. Closs, otherwise typographically in German as above. 9⅝ × 7¼ in (24.3 × 18.5 cm).

Offer no. 15,650 | EUR 86. (c. US$ 104.) + shipping

Bernhard Mannfeld, Lorelei

Lorelei – Mannfeld, Bernhard (Dresden 1848 – Frankfort/Main 1925). Loreley. On the right the gate of the railway tunnel. Etching. (1891.) Inscribed: Originalradierung von B. Mannfeld. / Druck von L. Angerer. Berlin. / Verlag von Emil Strauss in Bonn., otherwise as above. 8 × 10⅞ in (20.3 × 27.5 cm).

Offer no. 14,575 | EUR 79. (c. US$ 96.) + shipping

The Loreley

Loreley, The. Seen from upriver. Wood engraving after a photograph by Anselm Schmitz (1831/39-1903) in Cologne at J. Simane. (1886.) Inscribed: Simane X. A., otherwise in German as above. 3½ × 4¾ in (9 × 12.1 cm).

“ If temporally and financially it is not worthwhile to send special reporters … however, on the other hand the effort prevails to ‘illustrate all remarkable events by pictorial representation’, so (more and more it has to be resorted to copies) which are available in increasing numbers: photographs. Not only their more effortless availability, also the changed taste of the audience helped photography to growing importance in xylography …

Photography as new invention

becomes that interesting for the general audience that it puts its stamp on other traditional illustration techniques, too ”

(Osteneck, Zur xylographischen Darstellung im 19. Jahrhundert, in Lüneburger Beiträge zur Vedutenforschung, pp. 120 ff.).

Through which at the same time the previous “for ever recurrent stereotypy (of perspectives criticised by Osteneck) was avoided” and so only frequently rare places and details came into sight. – Continuous text on both sides on the Rhine Valley from St. Goar/St. Goarshausen till Coblenz and the confluence of Moselle River.

Offer no. 9,426 | EUR 48. (c. US$ 58.) + shipping

Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Lorelei Rock

Lorelei – Lasinsky, Johann Adolf (Simmern 1808 – Dusseldorf 1871). Le Rocher de Lureley. The Lorelei Rock. Rising richly rugged on the left. In the centre view upstream into the loop. On both sides of the Rhine boats with fishing rods set out, in the foreground partly resting people. Toned pen and ink lithograph. Inscribed: (Recorded from nature and lithographed by J. A. Lasinsky 1828. / Frankfort a/M. C. Jügel.), caption as above in German-French parallel text. 9 × 11⅝ in (22.7 × 29.4 cm).

In its nervous line conduct ahead of its time ,

unmistakably, and instantaneously lithographed after own sketch, and thus “standing out highly advantageously from the leaves of much smaller size engraved after him by other artists … Lasinsky’s ‘sensibility, keenest power of observation, realistic study of nature, and talent for large wide landscapes’ have been praised” (Schulte 1969).

Offer no. 9,068 | EUR 235. (c. US$ 284.) + shipping

Oswald Achenbach, Evening at the Lorelei

Lorelei, Evening at the. Manifold boat scenery. Toned wood engraving after the drawing of Gottfried Franz (Mayence 1846 – Munich 1905) after a watercolor by Oswald Achenbach (1827 Dusseldorf 1905) for A. Closs, Stuttgart. (1875/76.) Inscribed in the stock: Osw Achenbach, otherwise typographically in German as above. 7⅜ × 9⅜ in (18.7 × 23.9 cm).

Offer no. 8,166 | EUR 76. (c. US$ 92.) + shipping

Richard Püttner, Lorelei

Lorelei. At this bank boat with salmon nets. Behind the bend St. Goarshausen with Burg Katz. Wood engraving after Richard Püttner (Wurzen 1842 – Munich 1913) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1875/76.) Inscribed in the stock: R Püttner, otherwise typographically as above. 5⅝ × 5⅝ in (14.2 × 14.2 cm).

Richard Püttner, St. Goarshausen with Burg Katz

BACK: St. Goarshausen with Burg Katz. Vista across the Rhine at the place with the southern tower below the castle. At this bank sailboat Lorlei with day-trippers. Wood engraving by Filsinger after Püttner as above. Inscribed in the stock: R Püttner (from right to left) / X. I. v. A. Closs Filsinger sc., otherwise typographically in German as above. 7⅜ × 4 in (18.8 × 10.2 cm).

Offer no. 15,651 | EUR 59. (c. US$ 71.) + shipping