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On Rhine Rafts into Emigration

“ German emigration to the west, especially to North America, was originally caused by political and religious oppression, by war misery and famine. The great famine 1816-17 suddenly raised emigration restricted till then to a few thousands to 20,000 souls. Then the latter dropped again until the period of reaction in the ’30s brought another rise which found its culminating point in 1847. In 1852 emigration made a sudden leap once more, reached a number (127,694) not almost precedented before in 1854 … The industrial areas supply far less, but the number of those from Wurttemberg, Baden, Hesse is not insignificant … ”

(Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, 4th edition, II, 160).

Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Emigrant raft near Lorch/Rhine
View of Lorch. Vue de Lorch.

From the south the people headed for the coast on i. a. large

emigrant rafts.

The 20-year-old Johann Adolf Lasinsky saw these during his Rhine journey and handed them down on the following leaves. Throughout

“ (Recorded from nature and lithographed) … 1828. ”

Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Emigration raft at Remagen/Rhine

Johann Adolf Lasinsky (Simmern 1808 – Dusseldorf 1871). (Mount Apollinaris and Remagen.) With Kripp – Unkel – Erpel – Heister – Ruin Ockenfels. On the Rhine emigrant raft. Toned pen and ink lithograph. Inscribed: (Recorded from nature and lithographed by J. A. Lasinsky 1828. / Frankfort a/M. C. Jügel.), title as above in German-French. 9 × 11½ in (23 × 29.2 cm).

In its nervous line conduct ahead of its time ,

unmistakably, and instantaneously lithographed after own sketch, and thus “standing out highly advantageously from the leaves of much smaller size engraved after him by other artists … Lasinsky’s ‘sensibility, keenest power of observation, realistic study of nature, and talent for large wide landscapes’ have been praised” (Schulte 1969).

Offer no. 15,297 | EUR 353. | export price EUR 335. (c. US$ 335.) + shipping

– – – (View of Lorch.) General view from the opposite bank with Ruin Nollig situated above. On this side Rheindiebach with wanderers heading for it. On the Rhine richly populated emigrant raft and a ferry boat with two passengers and the helmsman standing at the stern. Toned pen and ink lithograph as before. – Illustration above.

Offer no. 12,126 | EUR 378. | export price EUR 359. (c. US$ 359.) + shipping

Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Emigrant raft near Neuwied/Rhine

– – – (View of Neuwied.) General view from the opposite bank. On the Rhine large emigrant raft with several cabins and rows manned by numerous people. On this side Weißenthurm. Toned pen and ink lithograph as before.

Offer no. 9,082 | EUR 562. | export price EUR 534. (c. US$ 533.) + shipping

Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Emigration raft on the Rhine at Bornhofen/Bad Salzig

– – – (Ruins of Sterrenberg and Liebenstein, called the (Hostile) Brothers.) With Bornhofen and vis-à-vis the steeple of Bad Salzig. On the Rhine three boats and a large emigrant raft in the centre. Toned pen and ink lithograph as before.

Offer no. 9,072 | EUR 271. | export price EUR 257. (c. US$ 257.) + shipping