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Hamburg Harbor

Hamburg – Bartels, Hans von (Hamburg 1856 – Munich 1913). Hamburg Harbor. Before the scenery of St. Michael several mostly unrigged tall ships with forest of masts in the background and laterally right with the corresponding traffic of boats. Wood engraving by Rupert Schlumprecht (1854 Munich 1904) for Adolf Cloß (1840 Stuttgart 1894, “at his time one of the best of his profession in Germany”, Thieme-Becker). (1880/81.) Inscribed in the stock: A. Closs. X. I / R. Schlumprecht fc / Hans Bartels (18)80, and typographically per caption in German as above. 7¼ × 9⅝ in (18.5 × 24.4 cm). – The ordered work transferred directly into the wood in its atmospheric clearness.

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