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German Ironclads "König Wilhelm" + "Prinz Friedrich Karl"

Ironclads, German. Iron Cruisers König Wilhelm (23 guns, 700 men) & Prinz Friedrich Karl (16 guns, 500 men). Both still with additional barque rig, the latter nicely in the foreground from portside. On the water numerous boats, partly rowed, partly under sails. Wood engraving by monogamist O. H. after Gustav Schoenleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) for Adolf Closs (1840 Stuttgart 1894; “then one of the best [wood engravers] in Germany”, Thieme-Becker, Künstler-Lexikon, vol. VII, page 114). (1880-81.) Inscribed at the lower edge of the subject left/right: G. Sch. / A. Closs X(ylographisches). I(nstitut)., O H. sc(ulpsit)., typographically in the text field. 6⅞ × 9⅜ in (17.5 × 23.7 cm).

Offer no. 8,264 | EUR 95. (c. US$ 115.) + shipping