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Hendrik Kobell, Storm Flood Elburg 1776 (Early Restoration Frame)

Two Proofs

as Épreuves de luxe on Silk

in Early Restoration Framing

Kobell, Hendrik (1751 Rotterdam 1779). Gezicht van het Bergsche Veld, in het Land van Heusden, aan de Doversche Sluis, in de Overstrooming, den 15.den Nov. 1775. / Gezicht van den Storm en hogen Vloed, voor Elburg, den 21.sten Novemb. 1776. On the one hand man and live stock save themselves onto the dike summit in front of the chapel as the only spot still rising above the floods. On the other hand a tjalk attempts to turn about in front of the already flooded place with church and windmill. Before the place and in the background right further boats. 2 sheet. Etchings by Noach van der Meer II (Leiden 1741 – Amsterdam 1822; “had made himself a name by a number of valuable sheets”, Nagler) at Weduwe Jacobus Loveringh & Johannes Allart and Johannes Allart resp. 1775 and 1776 resp. C. 8¼-8½ × 12-12⅛ in (21-21.5 × 30.5-30.8 cm). Framed.

From two sets of illustrations of 6 and 5 sheet resp. with floodings in Johan Hendrik Hering’s Bespiegeling over Neêrlandsch waternood, tusschen den 14den. en 15den. nov: MDCCLXXV (Amsterdam, wed. Loveringh en Allart, 1776) and XXIsten en XXIIsten november, MDCCLXXVI (Amsterdam, Johannes Allart, 1778) resp. – Besides the indications of draughtsman, engraver, and publisher each lower right

Hendrik Kobell, Storm Flood Elburg 1776


and here moreover present as of absolute rarity

printed on silk:

“ For broadsheets , portraits of princely persons and suchlike

here and there white silk

was used instead of paper ”

(Bogeng in Lexikon des Gesamten Buchwesens III [1937], 269).

“ By his drawings in ink or watercolor K(obell). – Wurzbach: “marine painter and excellent draughtsman” – had immediate success with the collectors in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as in England, too, whither he supplied seascapes for the admiralty … Several drawings of K.’s have been engraved in the 18th century, by … van der Meer (2 sets of flooding sceneries of 1775 and 1776) ”

(Adolph Staring in Thieme-Becker XXI [1927], p. 48).

Hendrik Kobell, Dike Break Bergsche Veld 1775 (Early Restoration Frame)

In early restoration frames with corner decoration

by a Brussels frame maker as almost identical to Schmitz, Lexikon der europäischen Bilderrahmen, II, p. 93, ill. 89. And before per ill. 86 on the frames of the early restoration – to be set for 1820-30 – in general within late classicism:

“ By the confinement of the profile to a wide groove and by the palmette decoration reduced to the frame corners with flower rosettes encompassed by foliage and ribbons … a typical example for the early restoration style under Charles X (1824-30 king of France). While the palmette motif is still based on the classical Empire style, the strong emphasis of the frame corners already reminds of French baroque once more … By the retention of the straight outer edges, by the palmette motif, and by the groove profile the restoration frames are still clearly of classicistic character. ”

The silk somewhat brittle due to age and therefore left on the old back pasteboard, to which the 1st sheet evenly adheres. This additionally somewhat warped and paled. The other, with regard to the print very fine sheet adhering only in the margins and turn parts and quite minimally waved. On the right in the white margin small imperfection. – The frames especially at the outer edges indeed age-marked, yet without impairing the general effect. And in such a manner in the combination of

silk proofs with still almost contemporary framing

of quite particular charm .

Offer no. 29,028 | EUR 1700. | export price EUR 1615. (c. US$ 1952.) + shipping