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Nicolas Ozanne, Paisages et Marines 1

In Contemporary Copy Engraving

Charming Land & Seascapes

Ozanne, Nicolas-Marie (Brest 1728 – Paris 1811). Paisages et Marines. Set of 8 engravings à two per plate, on each one inscribed once N. Ozanne, del. / Ioh: Georg Hertel, excud. Aug.(:) V(ind). V. 1(-4). as well as the (publishing) No. 17. Subject sizes 3¾-3⅞ × 6⅞-7⅛ (9.6-9.9 × 17.6-18.2), plate sizes 7⅛-7⅜ × 9¾-9⅞ (18.2-18.8 × 24.8-25.2), sheet sizes 9⅛ × 15⅛ in (23.3 × 38.5 cm).

Nicolas Ozanne, Paisages et Marines 2

Ozanne’s original edition – see below – not in Nagler, Thieme-Becker, Le Blanc, Cat. Nederl. Hist. Scheepvaarts-Mus. & Berlin Cat. of Ornamental Engravings. – Watermarks CHW (1) and fleur-de-lis resp. – Sound impression on sturdy paper with margins above & below c. 6-7, laterally c. 1.5-2.8 cm wide. – On the first sheet laterally left at the lower picture faint tidemark perceptible without any impairment of the image. – Upper margins verso with narrow strip together with little stitching holes from former binding.

Nicolas Ozanne, Paisages et Marines 5

Ozanne “left behind a considerable number of works, nothing but seascapes with ships in the harbors, such in calm and stormy sea and so forth … The sheets by this artist reveal

extraordinary knowledge in maritime affairs

and they are distinguished by absolute truth of the delineation” (Nagler). His brother Pierre (Brest 1737 – Paris 1813) engraved just as both the two sisters after Nicolas’s designs, yet also own designs.

Nicolas Ozanne, Paisages et Marines 7

Present charming set of contemporary copies in reverse including i. a. ships – among these very fine galley & xebec – before harbors and gardens & palaces resp. as well as bucolic scenes at the water including fishing pleasure.

Offer no. 28,983 | EUR 830. | export price EUR 789. (c. US$ 954.) + shipping

Nicolas Ozanne, Paisages et Marines 8