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She  carried  Rochambeau
to  the  American  Revolutionary  War

Nicolas Ozanne, Vüe du Vaisseau du Roy le Duc de Bourgogne, Lancé a la Mer dans le Port de Rochefort le 20 Octobre 1751

The  Launching  of  the  Duc  du  Bourgogne

Ozanne, Nicolas (Brest 1728 – Paris 1811). Vüe du Vaisseau du Roy le Duc de Bourgogne, Lancé a la Mer dans le Port de Rochefort le 20 Octobre 1751. The decorated hull just running off the slip, rolling two boats in a strong wave, the occupants of which greeting the new ship just as the numerous other curious on the banks. On the left hand scaffolds with the stern part of another new ship, behind on the water two men-of-war already commissioned. In the middle distance on the right hand crane with treadmill, in front however numerous components and tools, among which an already complete top together with further mast parts. Front left several sedan-chairs, from one of which a lady has just alighted. Etching. Inscribed in the broad lower margin with the royal coat of arms surrounded by beams of rays as centerpiece as above and below resp. 14⅝ × 19⅝ in (37 × 49.7 cm).

Catalogue raisonné du cabinet d’estampes de feu Monsieur Winckler 2613. – Watermark fleur-de-lis coat of arms as well as text mark. – Faint smoothed centerfold and likewise pleat running in parallel. At the left edge of the subject small hole, in the wide white margin some quite minimal creases and isolated tears backed acid-freely. Numbered by old hand in the white margin upper right as well as on the back. In the text besides still perceptible writing lines.

The  marvelous  large-sized  moment  of  the  launching

Nicolas Ozanne, Vüe du Vaisseau du Roy le Duc de Bourgogne, Lancé a la Mer dans le Port de Rochefort le 20 Octobre 1751 (detail)

of  the  80-gun  first  rate  ship  of  the  line ,

dedicated to the sponsor of the new ship:

“ Dedié a Monseigneur Le Duc de Bourgogne. Par son trés humble et trés obeissant Serviteur Ozanne, Dessinateur de la Marine a Brest. et de l’Académie de Marine. ”

First during the Seven Years’ War stationed in Louisbourg, Isle Royale (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia) she was refitted in 1761 and 1779 when also the hull was coppered. The following year the Duc de Bourgogne served as

flagship  of  the  French  expeditionary  corps  under  Rochambeau

sent  to  support  Washington  in  the  American  Revolutionary  War .

What after joining the latter in August 1781 lead to the capitulation of the 8000-man strong British army under Cornwallis in Yorktown October 19. And still today the name Rochambeau (Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur Count R., 1725-1807, 1790 Marshal of France, escaped the guillotine only because of the end of the Reign of Terror) evokes the gratitude of America. So March 30, 2009, a presidential act designated the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route as National Historic Trail. R. junior by the way had taken part in his father’s expedition and repeatedly had the command in the French West Indies since 1792. 1813 he was killed in the Battle of the Nations at Leipsic.

After the French Revolution in 1792 the Bourgogne on her part was first renamed Peuple, two years later then Caton and finally broken up in 1800 (1856?).

Of  particular  attraction  on  present  sheet  a small incident during the launching recorded here in both picture & text, when a pigeon pursued by a bird of prey

found  rescue  in  the  laurel  decoration  of  the  Duc  de  Bourgogne :

“ Lorsque ce Vaisseau partit il parut un Oiseau de proye pour suivant une Colombe qui trouva son azile dans les Lauriers du Duc de Bourgogne. ”

With the addresses of Ozanne – “The sheets of this artist disclose extraordinary knowledge in maritime things, and they distinguish themselves by perfect truth of representation”, Nagler – in Brest and that of the publisher and map engraver Guillaume Dheulland (1700-1770) in Paris (“Se vend a Paris chez le Sr. Dheulland Place Maubert chez un Md. Bonnetier, au Soleil d’Or. Et chez l’Auteur a Brest”). – A reduced, side-inverted reproduction was issued as perspective print by J. Chéreau in Paris in the 3rd quarter of the 18th century. With his address also a later edition of Ozanne’s Marine militaire.

Offer no. 28,913 / EUR  2300. / export price EUR  2185. (c. US$ 2641.) + shipping