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The Rugendas Letters:
Johann Moritz Rugendas’
First Voyage to Brazil

The Sections of Cap Trafalgar
The First Prussian Maritime Atlas
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As  Instructive  as  Decorative  in  Color

Orlog or Man-of-War with complete Rigging Flags & Pennants also Prow and Stern, likewise of a Boat and Sloop and other things, Representation of an. The upper part dominated by the representation of a three-master marked with numerous numbers with rigging, flags, and pennants, but without sails. At the sides lateral and front view of the bow as well as a smaller view of the stern. Further sea compass, compass card with the designations of the cardinal points, and boats at anchorage watch and weighing the anchor. In the lower quarter

Orlog or Man-of-War with complete Rigging Flags & Pennants also Prow and Stern

“ Profile  of  a  Capital  Man-of-War  so  carrying  96  guns ”

up to ropes, barrels, and sacks in the loads. Laterally of which ship camels and sloop + boat in plan view, profile from and back as well as graduated and reflected arc. Colored engraving. C. 1730. Inscribed in German as above. 7¾ × 9¼ in (19.8 × 23.4 cm).

ARCHITECTURA MARINA V. – Post horn watermark. – Above + below 0.7-0.9, laterally 2.1 and 1.3 cm resp. white margin around the platemark. Isolated small, quite feeble foxspots in the subject, only one in the right plate + paper margin a little larger. – Two vertical folds completely taken out, one invisible from the front. – INSTRUCTIVE  RICH  SHEET  OF  ADDITIONALLY  VERY  FINE  COLOR  EFFECT .

Offer no. 28,858 / EUR  498. / export price EUR  473. (c. US$ 572.) + shipping