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Anchor ForgeAnchor Forge

Ancres, Forge des. Set of the 13 engravings on the forging of anchors from the 1st, so-called large edition of the Diderot encyclopedia. (Paris 1775.) Inscribed: Pl. I(-XIII). / 135(-147). / AB (ligated, 8) and D(an). (3) s. resp. / Marine, Forge des Ancres together with the respective plate title. C. 14 × 8⅞ in (35.5 × 22.4 cm). With 11 pp. plate explanations and 2 pages table.

Anchor ForgeAnchor Forge

Watermark BEINETTE together with large sun as well as three further figurative and typographic marks resp. – On the left in the white margin three little holes from the original stitching. Impeccable, especially above and below and on the right wide-margined copy on laid paper uncut on three sides.

The  instructive  suite  showing numerous details of machines and tools. Eight plates furthermore in the upper third with mostly

fairly  busy  workshop  sceneries

Anchor ForgeAnchor Forge

vividly  illustrating  the  forging  of  anchors

and here even more absolutely complete with the usually missing, extensive plate explanations. – The tables recording the various proportions of the anchor parts for thirty grades of weight from 8000 down to 1000 lievres.

Offer no. 28,846 / EUR  390. / export price EUR  371. (c. US$ 448.) + shipping