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Claude Joseph Vernet, Vue d'un Port de Mer

Vernet, Claude Joseph (Avignon 1714 – Paris 1789). Vue d’un Port de Mer pendant le Brouillard. Under the gloomy clouds in front left the rear end of a galley or pleasure yacht, behind turret and docks with several ships. Right in the middle distance three-master riding at anchor. In front on the quay several figurines with boat as well as barrels and other goods. Colored etching by Hyacinthe Rose Devilliers (1794/1808 Paris 1846) and Claude Niquet l’Aîné (1770-1831) after a drawing by Felice Storelli (Turin 1778 – Paris 1854). (1815.) Inscribed: No. 652. / Jph. Vernet. / Ecole. Françcs. / Desé. par Storelli. / Gra. a l’Eau-forte par Devilliers jne. / Termé. par Niquet., otherwise as above. Subject size 4⅝ × 6¾ in (11.8 × 17.3 cm).

GALERIE DU MUSÉE NAPOLÉON 652. – From the 1815 Xth series, comprising 72 etchings. – Trimmed within the wide platemark, but insignificant as above and below 2-2.5, laterally 4.1-4.7 cm white paper margin. In the cutout of the passepartout evenly quite feebly and finally unessentially yellowed. – The fine coloring in as deep as shining colors.

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