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Marvelous  Impressions


“ a  noted  engraver  of  perspective  views ”

Todeschi, Pietro (fl. Bologna 1670-90). Shipwreck in tempest at the coast. In each case three ships, among them two galleys, thrown by the storm on the coast. There respectively fort with tower as well as little figures being busy with the salvage of driftwood. 2 sheet. Engravings at Giuseppe Longhi (fl. Bologna about 1644-80). Inscribed: Pietro Todeschi fecc. / Giosef Longhi forma. Sheet-size 5½-5⅝ × 7⅞ in (13.9-14.3 × 20 cm).

Pietro Todeschi, Shipwreck in Tempest I

Three-sided cut on or just within the rim of the subject, below under contact of the signature within the wide white platemark. One sheet brown stippled on the back. – Splendid impressions.

Pietro Todeschi, Shipwreck in Tempest II

Todeschi – “a noted engraver of perspective views” (Library of Congress), in his circumstances almost unknown though – reengraved several maps of Dutch cartographers, among these in 1673 Blaeu’s four wall maps of the continents. – Longhi is known as publisher of Curti’s “Ad Vivum Exprimebat” of c. 1644 with 31 reverse copies after Robert’s “Variae ac multiformes florum species” as well as for a reengraving of the first edition from 1660 of Frederick de Wit’s giant wall map of the world done about 1680 together with Carlo Scotti.

Yet  here  then  two  works  of  own  invention ,

two  marines  from an  early  great  century .

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