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Peter Paul Rubens, Neptune and Amphitrite

Rubens, Peter Paul (Siegen 1577 – Antwerp 1640). Neptune and Amphitrite. Neptune with wife + suite as patron of the navigation under spread sail before mast. He with the trident in the right, she grasping jewels out of a horn of plenty held by a triton and both surrounded by rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lion & tiger, and crocodile. Steel engraving by Eduard Schuler (Strasbourg 1806 – Lichtenthal/Baden-Baden 1882) after the oil formerly in Berlin. 3rd quarter of the 19th century. Inscribed: Galerie Schönborn / P. P. Rubens pinxt. / E. Schuler sc., otherwise as above. 7⅞ × 5⅝ in (20 × 14.4 cm).

Rosenberg, 2nd ed., 1906, p. 492 (about 1615/18) + ills. 112; Bernhard, (Lost Works of Painting), 1965, p. 20 + ills. 138. – The oblong format (7½ × 10 ft [230 × 305 cm]) worked here as upright format whose both quoted illustrations are shortened differently. So at Bernhard the cloth ends under loss even of the trident already close above Amphitrite’s head, at Rosenberg far higher, but per subject border, while the engraving here with the sail going noticeably beyond the mast including the lines reproduces quite obviously the original state and helps the composition optically only to its right. Considering such aggravating defects of reproduction in semi-official literature and the destruction of the original itself – purchased 1881 from the Schönborn Collection in Vienna for more than 200000 mark – Schuler’s engraving here falls to additional worth of documentation. Only on the left with the rhinoceros looking into the picture only Schuler has minimally shortened compared with Bernhard. Otherwise already Nagler set off Schuler’s “especially fine steel engravings”.

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