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Not  came  to  light  to  Schott

Rigaud, Jacques (Marseilles c. 1681 – 1753/4, active i. a. in Toulon). The Galley Construction. Constructio Triremium. In the foreground numerous workers being busy with the preparation of the parts, mostly with hatchets, but also with saw and plane. The building foreman, surrounded by several workers, with writing-tablet and pen. Right underneath of the town slips with galleys in different stages, partly built over like a temple. On the left and in the middleground on the water two already completed galleys in full run. Engraving + etching by (? see below) and at resp. Martin Engelbrecht (1684 Augsburg 1756). Inscribed: Mart. Engelbrecht excud. Aug. V., otherwise in German-Latin as before. Sheet-size c. 8½ × 14 in (21.5 × 35.4 cm).

Rigaud, Galley Construction

Pl. 1 of the 6-sheet series of the galleys, from which Schott, Der Augsburger Kupferstecher und Kunstverleger Martin Engelbrecht, as owner-successor of the Engelbrecht store lists under 3172 of his 1924 Definitive and Publisher’s Catalog as an individual work (sic!) only sheet 2, “(The Baptism of the Galleys) / Baptismus Triremium”, moreover cut under significant image loss, qualified in addition with two (of three) asteriks:

“ Now at the Engelbrecht prints bearing without specification of an engraver only the inscription excudit those sheets stand out which doubtless are studio works while others

bear  clearly  the  marks  of  Engelbrecht  origin .

Therefore the author has supplied in the catalog those sheets marked with M. E. sculpsit or fecit with ***, those indicated indeed with M. E. excudit only while lacking the specification of an engraver (as here), but bearing the stamp of Engelbrecht origin with **, the studio works with * ”

(page 49). – Compare for the complete set each also Nagler (“Jean”) Rigaud 9 and Coppenrath Collection, pt. III (1890), 2027 (Rigaud):

“ Seaports  with  richest  figurative  decoration .”

Engelbrecht also published an edition of the slightly smaller series of the ships of the line Nagler 10; cf. Schott 3171 (pl. 5). – Within the clouds interrupted scraper in the printing plate. – Below right at the rim of the subject numbered “1”, underneath of the title “No. 68.”. – Three sides cut within the platemark, below additionally to the latter even a fine paper margin. – German-Latin quatrain:

“ The work is real large if one builds galleys, / Everyone must be very anxious then, / The one cuts, the other heaves, another transports; whom shudders at work, / Such man but does not appear on this ship building. ”

Offer no. 28,311 / EUR  562. / export price EUR  534. (c. US$ 646.) + shipping