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The Shipowner Sujet

Export — Import in Picture

Singleton, Henry (London 1766 – 1839). Industry and Oeconomy. The successful merchant and his storemen working in their harbor domicile. Rigged and unrigged ships on the water, on the warehouse ramp casks, boxes – on the one right in front left the ligated company monogram CAF – and bales, at the freight elevator board with the inscription BELL WHARF. In the foreground the principal writing a letter of recommendation for the young clerk standing by him, perhaps his own eldest. At the window the young housewife with the youngest, while another child rides on the dog. Colored stipple by Louis Darcis (before 1787 – Paris 1801). Inscribed: H. Singleton pinxt. / Darcis sculpt. / London Publishd March 25. 1800., otherwise as above and below. 25⅞ × 20¼ in (65.8 × 51.6 cm).

Singleton, Industry and Oecononmy

On three sides trimmed within the wide white platemark. Here as within the caption, too, and on the back numerous smaller foxspots not affecting the subject. A few backed small margin tears. In the upper subject tiny hole. Apart from that perfect and of finest color effect.

Important sheet of finest English tradition — even today sold by Walmart as poster of varying size — , representing the fundamentals for the

success of the globally operating merchant

and explaining these below the subject in 8 lines of verse:

“ These are the cares that give a zest to life / Source of no social, no domestic trife; Hence health and competence, – the virgorous mind / To frankness and to probity inclin’d. The fair perspective opening on the view / An offspring dutious and a consort true / A long career of honor clos’d with ease / Who would not purchase by such cares as these. ”

Merchant representations of this kind are exceedingly rare .

Offer no. 16,225 | EUR 1380. | export price EUR 1311. (c. US$ 1585.) + shipping