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Paul-Émile Colin, Sunday on the Marne

“ Colin is Eminent
above all as Graphic Artist ”

Colin, Paul-Émile (Lunéville, 1867 – Bourg-la-Reine/Seine 1949). Sunday on the Marne. (1903.) Color woodcut in black, blue and yellow. 10¾ × 14¼ in (27.3 × 36.2 cm).

Clément-Janin 55. – Published per annual portfolio 1903 by the Society for Reproducing Art in Vienna as internationally focussed spearhead for the experiments of the artists of Symbolism, Expressionism, and the Secession. – Typographic inscription in blue in the lower margin: “Sonntag auf der Marne”. Farbiger Originalholzschnitt von Paul Colin. / Verlag der Gesellschaft für vervielfältigende Kunst, Wien. – On thin cardboard up to 10 cm wide. – Backed marginal tears.

Colin first studied medicine as due to nearsightedness a training as drawing instructor was impossible, pursuing his true interest on the side though:

“ His first 3 more notable woodcuts originate from 1893 … 1894 … he settled down in Lagny (Marne) to apply himself to his medical profession, yet on the side passionately active artistically … A nervous disease forced him to 3 years interruption of his artistic activity, which he resumed 1901. The cuts following now are distinguished from the older sheets by a fundamentally freer technique … Of his works of the last years shall be mentioned: Sunday on the Marne … ”

(Hans Vollmer, Thieme-Becker VII [1912], p. 206 f.).

And in addition Elmar Stolpe in Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XX (1998), p. 257:

“ Colin is eminent above all as graphic artist :

from 1893 woodcuts (knife, rarely chisel in end grain; occasionally in colors), which strive for a return to the tradition of the technique … (About 1902) abandoning the literary sujets in favor of the depiction of the simple and authentic rural life and of nature, above all in Lorraine. ”

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