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Gustav Schoenleber, Shipyard (Emden)

Emden – Ship Yard. On the slip a wooden one-masted vessel. Wood engraving by H. Niggl after Gustav Schoenleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) for A. Cloß, Stuttgart. (1880/81.) Inscribed: G. S. / A. Closs X I., ansonsten typogr. wie vor. 4¾ × 7½ in (12 × 18.9 cm).

Gustav Schoenleber, Moorings of Emden

BACK: Moorings of Emden at high tide, approached by one-masted vessel under full sails. Wood engraving by A. Herrich after Schoenleber. Inscribed: G. Sch. / A. Cloß X. I. / A. H. sc. 3¼-5¼ × 2½-7¼ in (8.4-13.2 × 6.4-18.5 cm). – On both sides concluded local text on Emden and beginning “North West” about putting to sea.

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