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The Rugendas Letters:
Johann Moritz Rugendas’
First Voyage to Brazil

The Sections of Cap Trafalgar
The First Prussian Maritime Atlas
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Red Sea – Fish, Eight Species of, in natural size and numerous partly enlarged details. Colored stipple by August Friedrich Schmidt (I or II), Berlin, after Finzi, 4 of which transferred by Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg. (1828/29.) Inscribed: I. II. VII. VIII Dr. Ehrenberg reliqua Finzi ad viv. pinxerunt. / Schmidt sculpsit. 16¼ × 11⅛ in (41.3 × 28.2 cm).

ZOOLOGICA I PISCES IX. – From Ehrenberg’s (“belongs to the most important naturalists of the century”, ADB) Symbolæ physicæ devoted North Africa + West Asia. – Typograph. watermark. “Gr. Real”. – On wove paper by H. Oeser, Basel, uncut on 3 sides. – Impeccably fresh.

Omobranchus fasciolatus / Salarias ornatus / Blennius Dama / Gobius pavonimus / Cryptocentrus fasciatus / Oplopomus pulcher / Priolepis auriga / Priolepis mica .

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