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John Heaviside Clark, Bird Catching

Clark, John Heaviside (probably Scotland 1771/2 – Edinburgh 1863, 1802-32 in London). Bird Catching from below. The dangerous hunt at the cliffs, the boat kept free from the rocks. One of the hunters just catching a colorful bird while two others on the rocks try to make more prey. All around large bird flights, on the horizon full-rigged ship. Aquatint by Matthew Dubourg (fl. London 1808-38) in the original coloring. Inscribed: J. H. Clark Del. / Published & Sold June 4st. 1813, by Edwd. Orme, Bond St. London. / Dubourg Sculpt., otherwise as above. 7 × 9 in (17.7 × 22.9 cm).

AKL XIX [1998], 389 (“Ills. for Foreign Field Sports”); Tooley 225, 32; Thieme-Becker VII, 48 f. – From the 1819 2nd edition of FOREIGN FIELD SPORTS, Schwerdt I (1928), 177 ff.: “The coloured plates … are fine, both as regards draughtsmanship and colouring … (The book) is sure to increase in value …”.

“ D(ubourg). works closely together with the engraver John Heaviside Clark; not only plates for aquatint series were worked jointly … but also the respective other’s designs reproduced ”

(Rudolf Feurer, Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon XXX [2001], p. 87).

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