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Guglielmo Stella, Arrival of a Milk Barge (Venice)

Venice – Arrival of a Milk Barge. On the bank rich scenery, picking up the fresh product. Wood engraving after Guglielmo Stella (Milano 1828 – Venice 1888). (1876.) Inscribed in the stock: G. Stella, otherwise typographically in German as above. 4 × 7¼ in (10 × 18.5 cm).

Schönleber, Venetian Fishing Barge

VERSO: Venetian Fishing Barge. On board several weir-baskets. Wood engraving as above, but after Gustav Schönleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917). Inscribed in the stock: G. Schönleber, otherwise typographically in German as above. 6⅜ × 4¾ in (16.3 × 12 cm). – Continuous local text on both sides.

Offer no. 10,102 | EUR 50. (c. US$ 60.) + shipping