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The  First  Known  Official  (Nautical)  World  Map

as with 3′8″ × 8′7″ (1.12 × 2.62 m)

at once an Unparalleled Show Piece of Information

Vespucci, Giovanni. Geocarta nautica universale. Official nautical map of the world – “Padron Real” – commissioned by the king of Spain. With 2 central wind roses, each surrounded by 32 roses of the two tangent circumferences with color identifiers of the principal & half winds and 26 further wind roses in the form of copies of the compass card. Colored manuscript map on vellum. (1523/24.) 44⅛ × 103 in (1122 × 2615 mm). Facsimile edition in the original size in 7 colors & gold on vellum-like paper laminated onto cloth along with commentary volume in Italian & English, ed. by Corradino Astengo. 2010. Rolled up in navy-blue box / orig. boards.

Giovanni Vespucci. Geocarta nautica universale

One of the 749 facsimile copies numbered Arabic and (50) Roman resp. of the

eldest & only  known  specimen  of  a  Padron  Real

as at once one of the first reliable maps of the world reflecting the full 360° of earth’s surface.

Yet  for  the  first  time  ever

the  complete  results  of  Magellan’s  just  completed  circumnavigation

(1519-1522; available here its only description by Antonio Pigafattas as one of the but 18 survivors of the voyage in Cornelis Koeman’s copy of the 1969 facsimile edition from the 1525 manuscript of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library in New Haven). In such a manner then

a  milestone  of  history , specially  of  nautical  cartography

with all the information important to seafaring people as there are

varying  each  of  the  8  principal & half  winds  in  black  and  green  resp.

and  the  16  quarters  in  red .

Toponyms perpendicularly to the coasts in black with the more important places and islands in red. The smaller islands fully colored in various colors. Groups of dots on the other hand indicate shallows & reefs. Indicated of course equator, tropics, and polar circles.

Originally attributed to an anonymous cartographer, now Giovanni Vespucci (b. Florence 1486 as nephew of the great Amerigo Vespucci) is considered as author of the map. Appointed piloto del rey in Spanish services in 1512 to compile and edit in conjunction with the piloto mayor the material for the official world map. 1515 member of a commission for the exact determination of the raya in the maps in accordance with a bull by the Spanish Pope Alexander VI. The raya was an imaginary boundary line drawn from north to south between Spain & Portugal, which assigned the eastern territories to Portugal and the western territories to Spain.

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