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“ One of the Monumental Contributions
by the Netherlands
to the History of 16th-century Civilization ”


Waghenaer, Lucas Jansz. Spieghel der Zeevaerdt. 2 pts. in 1 vol. Leyden, Christoffel Plantijn, 1584-85. Fol. 4 ll. engraved ills. color title, dedication, poem and contents, 36 pp.; 2 ll. engraved ills. color second title & dedication. With movably mounted celestial chart and

44 double full-page colored map engravings

(c. 15¾ × 20⅞ in [40 × 53 cm] and, 1 folded, c. 15¾ × 22½ in [40 × 57 cm] resp.) engraved by Jan van Deutecom (Doetichum, flourishing 1558-1601) with one page of text on the back each. FACSIMILE in the ORIGINAL SIZE in color together with commentary volume by Cornelis Koeman (The History of Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer and His ‘Spieghel der Zeevaerdt’, 4to, 72 pp. with 28 ills.). Lausanne 1964. Blue orig. cloth with gilt vignette on front board and back title.

After the copy of the first edition in the Utrecht University Library (T. fol. 165; Koeman Wag 2B/3B), complemented by dedication, preface, poem, the movable part of the celestial chart and the first chart from the presentation copy for Prince William of Orange ibid. (P fol. 111; Koeman Wag 1A). – The general map comprising Western Europe, Scandinavia and large parts of Northern Africa on a scale of 1 : 9 mill., the other charts predominantly 1 : 380,000. – Printed on tinted van Gelder Zoonen.

For absolute plain position of the charts bound on cloth folds throughout .

The boards of the atlas especially towards the outer edges somewhat discolored grey-green, the second front fly-leaf with a few pinhead-small brown spots, otherwise as good as new. The commentary volume at the beginning and towards the end as well as single pages in-between feebly foxed, particularly the back board with isolated tiny white spots.

The commentary with introduction to the political and economical situation and development in the northern Netherlands and particularly Enkhuizen as Waghenaer’s environment. Further Short History of the Maritime Cartography of European Waters before 1584 – Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer – Origin of Waghenaer’s Charts – The First Edition of the Spieghel der Zeevaerdt – Later Editions of the Spieghel and other Works by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer as well as bibliography . – In English.

“ Waghenaer was fortunate enough to obtain the best available engraver for his charts: Jan (Johannes) van Deutecom. The cost of this engraving work must have been considerable … Although, with their compass rosettes, they may be regarded as real portolan charts, the depiction of the coasts is unique.

The reproduction of the coastal profiles on the chart itself

is Waghenaer’s original discovery ,

in which he was to be followed by later authors. Through much generalization of the complicated coastline, the charts became very clear … All this was engraved in a highly artistic fashion in copper by Van Deutecom, elegant in outline and harmonious in composition, the ships and sea-monsters adding to the effect. The engraver has given the charts character ”

(Koeman). And additionally in Atlantes Neerlandici IV (Celestial and maritime atlases and pilot books, 1970), p. 469:

“ … the original ms. charts by Waghenaer were transformed into the most beautiful maps of the period. The composition and the adornment have greatly contributed to the splendour … the typography of the Plantijn printing house at Leiden further added to the quality of the book. ”

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