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For  the  maritime  or  locally  interested  Library  Eye

something  very  beautiful  to  look  at


Rotterdam  in  Its  whole  Grandeur

and  richest  Bonanza  for  a  Terrific  Office-Wall-Design

Rotterdam – Hooghe, Roman de (Amsterdam or ’s-Gravenhage 1645 – Haarlem 1708). Caart van de Stad Rotterdam en gezigt langs de Maas, benevens de Afbeldingen van de voornaamste publique Gebowen. Map engraving printed from 47 plates with

bird’s-eye  view  ( 3 ft 9¼ × 4 ft 1¼ in [115 × 125 cm] ) ,

Roman de Hooghe, Caart van de Stad Rotterdam
(detail of panoramic view)

panoramic  view  ( 9½ × 6 ft 2⅝ in [24 × 189.5 cm] )

and headpiece richly decorated with the coat of arms of the town and the most respective citizens, lions, puttos, and utensils (9⅞-10⅜ × 6 ft 2⅜ in [25-26.5 × 189 cm]),

12  detail-views  ( 7⅛ × 9½ in [18 × 24 cm] each )

and  the  coat of arms  of  the  20  councillors  ( 4½ × 3½ in [11.5 × 9 cm] each ) .

No place, Johannes de Vou, 1694. Composed c. 5 ft 5⅛ × 6 ft 2⅝ in (165.5 × 189.5 cm). FACSIMILE in the ORIGINAL size in copper rotogravure. Rotterdam (1960). Folio. 2 ll. title. With 3 (2 mounted) repeatedly folded composed plates, 12 half-page and 20 smaller mounted plates. Orig. imitation leather with back-plate, gilt front cover with coat of arms and borders.

Roman de Hooghe, Caart van de Stad Rotterdam
Coat of Arms of Rotterdam (detail)

The  splendid  map  with  richest  scenes

both in the bird’s-eye view as in particular, too, in the panoramic view

with  almost  all  popular  types  of  ships ,
among  which  twodekkers , yachts , flutes  and  tjalks  and  a  raft .

Of  special  attraction  in  the  bird’s-eye  view
the  numerous  caulkers  on  the  canals  and
the  great  number  of  new  constructions  in  the  shipyards
and  for  fitting  out  on  the  quayage .

In the broad base of the cartouche the instructive legend, Neptune with fishing-net, Athene with Hermes’ stick and fruit, a fishwife with shield and a snail-shell as helmet, Pan and two negroes clearing out a large horn of plenty.

The detail views – with rich scenery throughout – showing City Hall – Laurence, French + Prince Church – Stock Exchange – The Market – The Fish Market – De Doelen – Schielandt Manor – Admirality – New + Old Court .

2 titles in red-brown. – Original mounting on Van Gelder Zonen laid paper. – Isolated minor scratches on the boards, only a longer one in the lower half of the front board a little less unobtrusive, the cover of the back had been cracked below from otherwise practically imperceptible pushing. Two binding-conditioned little fold tears in the bird’s-eye view backed acid-freely, otherwise absolutely fresh. And thus

gorgeously  suited  for  a  roomfilling-uniform ,

facsimile-highquality , though  economic-riskless  wall  design .

Quite independent of this by the way for the maritime or locally interested eye something very beautiful to look at. In adequate binding.

Offer no. 28,851 / EUR  175. (c. US$ 212.) + shipping