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The Rugendas Letters:
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First Voyage to Brazil

The Sections of Cap Trafalgar
The First Prussian Maritime Atlas
marine niemeyer - since 1992 -


“ … the most spectacular type
of maritime cartography ever produced ”

Carte Nouvelle des Costes de Hollande, Zeelande, Flandre, Picardie & Normandie, depuis la Brille jusques à Dieppe, auec une Partie des costes d’Angleterre, depuis l’emboucheure de la Tamise, et les Isles Voisines jusques à Brevesier, ou l’on Voit tous les Ports de Mer, Bancs des Sable & Rochers. A L’Usage des Armées de sa Majesté Britannique. Dressé sur les Memoirs les Plus Nouveaux. With

pyramidally built up , richly decorated cartouche on the right

(10⅛ × 12 in [25.8 × 30.5 cm]), presenting below the Bavarian coat of arms overarched by the electoral hat, at its sides for once Poseidon with the armed Athene as protectoress of the towns, then Mercury as patron of trade and welfare presenting the

seaside harbor and town views of Dunkirk & Calais

(3⅜ × 10¼ and 2½ × 7⅛ in [8.6 × 26.2 and 6.5 × 18 cm] resp.), and as counterweight

dedication cartouche for Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria

on the left (6¼ × 8¼ in [16 × 21 cm]) decorated with the cembra nut of the coat of arms of Augsburg and again Athene, but here as goddess of wisdom, and 2 puttos, one of them holding a pair of compasses and map (?), 2 compass cards and threefold miles indicator. On the water finally numerous ships partly engaged in battle. Economically colored chart engraving in Mercator projection 1 : 400,000 printed from 2 plates by Romein de Hooghe (1645-1708) for Pieter Mortier in Amsterdam. 1693 (recte not before 1694, see Koeman p. 427, col. 2). 23⅝ × 37⅜ in (60 × 94.8 cm).

Koeman M.Mor 5, 1. – Cf. Phillips 2835. – On buff laid paper. – On the left trimmed within the frame line touching just the latitudes there, too. On the right fine, above and below wider margin. Especially the left half with weak brown impression of the opposite side resulting from folding.

The first chart of the Atlas Maritime intended as the second part to the Neptune François published after French designs the same year by Mortier with 9 charts de Hooghe’s:

“ Two new parts, not based on a printed French prototype but based on ms. charts were added: a. The Atlas Maritime with charts by Romein de Hooghe (1693) … The Neptune François and its second part Cartes Marines à l’usage du Roy de la Grande Bretagne

was the most expensive sea-atlas ever published in Amsterdam

in the 17th century. Its charts are

larger and more lavishly decorated

than those of any preceding book of its kind. … Contrary to the first part, these charts are of British origin, but designed and etched by the famous Dutch artist Romein de Hooghe, who was at that time in the service of King William III of England (son of William II of Orange, 1650-1702) ”

(Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, vol. IV, p. 424).

Besides several explanations of locally prevailing sea and tide currents the numerous sands especially within Zeeland and before Flandres and in the mouth of the Thames as well as the depths and anchoring places. Furthermore still after the model of the schetskaarten with the

depictures of all coasts .

The cartouches left completely in their deep black as applied deliberately again and again in the old coloured atlases up to the legendary Atlas of the Great Elector for Charles II of England. Still today especially knowledgeable collectors consider any colouring as a sacrilege in regard of the beauty of the print itself whose contrast-rich early impression here even allows recognizing of thin text lines.

Maximilian II Emanuel (1662-1726), elector of Bavaria and governor of the Spanish Netherlands since 1691, fought at the side of the Empire against Louis XIV till the peace of Rijswijk of 1697 “every year at the Rhine … or in the Low Countries; the winter months he spent … in Brussels” (ADB XXI, 22 ff.).

The continental coast from Zeeland with Dordrecht and Brielle over Ostend, Dunkirk, Calais till Dieppe, on the British side from the Seven Cleaves near Hastings over Rye, Dover, New Foreland over the mouth of the Thames up to Walton-on-the-Naze. The Thames itself up to Halfwegsboomen west of Detfords. Inlands up to Antwerp – Mecheln – Gent – Tourcoing – Lille – Abbeville. – And thus not just reflecting the events of those years, but also and foremost the

equally decorative as instructive chart

of just as frequented as difficult waters .

Offer no. 28,017 / EUR  1892. / export price EUR  1797. (c. US$ 2172.) + shipping