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“ … in this country it is thought good

to shoot an admiral from time to time ,

to encourage the others ”

Voltaire 1759

Biography of British Admiral John Byng

(Reliable Biography of the British Admiral of the White Flag, John Byng, who has been shot March 14th, 1757, after judgement and law aboard the man-of-war The Monarch, along with a short preliminary report on the current state of the British Naval Power.) In German. Frankfort and Leipsic, no printer, 1757. 10 ll. preliminary report and contents, 156 pp. Dark brown contemp. leather on 5 ribs with back-plate.

Exceedingly  rare

hot  off  the  press  German  publication

of  still  the  same  year ,

for  its  highly  political  explosiveness

published  anonymously & without  printer

with  moreover  most  likely  even  faked  place  of  printing

« he shall be tried immediately ;

he shall be hanged directly »

Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle

on  the  execution  of

John  Byng

as  first  British  admiral  March  14 , 1757

To the Perpetual Disgrace of Public Justice ,

the Hon. John Byng, Esq., Admiral of the Blue, fell

a Martyr to Political Persecution ,

March 14th, in the year MDCCLVII;

when Bravery and Loyalty

were insufficient Securities

for the Life and Honour of a Naval Officer

Epigraph on John Byng’s tomb in Southill, Bedfordshire

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