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Edward Keble Chatterton


Ships & Ways of other days. London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1913. Large 8vo. XVI, 308 pp. With

73 ( 1 color , 58 full-page ) illustrations

on 59 (3 multiply folded) plates ,

42 mostly half to full-page text ills. as well as 13 initial vignettes. Gilt navy-blue orig. cloth with mounted color ills. on front board. gilt head edge.

Title in red & black. – Printed on heavy, wide-margined paper whose quires are quite feebly foxing here and there. – One side uncut, but cut open. – Small name stamp on the interior of the back board.

The front board illustration showing the as splendidly decorated as illuminated stern gallery of a three-decker. – The statement of 130 illustrations on the title not correct; according to the index of illustrations there are 115 plus 13 vignettes.

Subdivided in Introduction – The Birth of the Nautical Art – The Development of the Marine Instinct – Mediterranean Progress – Rome and the Sea – The Viking Mariners – Seamanship and Navigation in the Middle Ages – The Period of Columbus – The Early Tudor Period – The Elizabethan Age – The Seventeenth Century – The Eighteenth Century – The Nineteenth Century – Glossary – Index (16 pp.).

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The Ship of the Marine Painters

Old Sea Paintings. London + New York, John Lane The Bodly Head and Dodd, Mead & Co. resp., no date. Large 8vo. XIII pp., 1 l., 179 pp., 2 ll. publisher’s advertisings. With

E. Keble Chatterton, Old Sea Paintings

110 (15 color , partly full-page) illustrations

from the MacPherson Collection

and other property on 64 one-sided plates. Navy blue orig. cloth with gilt back and front board. Blue head edge.

Chatterton’s standard work of 1928, here in generous typography on wide-margined heavy paper. – 2 sides uncut, but cut open. – Title in blue + black. – Except for the more affected fly-leaves, titles, preface, and contents as well as advertising leaves within the text only slightly to feebly foxing, diminishing the general impression only relatively especially in combination with the throughout clean plates. The lower edge of the front board of the generally somewhat time-marked binding discolored for up to 2.5 cm, the back board somewhat more rubbed in the upper part, a small tear in the lower edge of the back repaired.

E. Keble Chatterton, Old Sea Paintings

Subdivided in The First Marine Painters – The Fifteenth-Century Painters – The New School of Marine Artists – The Golden Age of Sea-Painting – The Rise of the English School – The Development of Marine Painting in England – Early Nineteenth-Century Sea-Painting – The Final Phase – Index .

Offer no. 28,848 | EUR 199. (c. US$ 241.) + shipping

Old Ship Prints. Ldn. + N. Y., John Lane The Bodly Head + Dodd, Mead & Co. resp., no date. Large 8vo. XVIII, 182 pp., 5 ll. publisher’s advertisings. With

110 (15 color) illustrations

E. Keble Chatterton, Old Ship Prints

from the MacPherson Collection

on 60 plts. + 2 text ills. Green orig. cloth with gilt stamped back and blind stamped front cover.

Chatterton’s standard work of 1927, here in generous typography on wide-margined heavy paper. – Title in blue + black. – Edges foxed, front fly-leaves and advertising leaves only slightly or quite weakly. Especially the back a little time-marked and faded.

E. Keble Chatterton, Old Ship Prints

Subdivided in The First Ship Prints – Shipping and Engraving – Art and Adventure – Prints and the Rise of Sea-Power – Mezzotint and Aquatint – Early 19th Century Ship Prints – Merchant Ship Prints – Prints of Fore-and-Aft Vessels – Index .

Offer no. 28,173 | EUR 245. (c. US$ 296.) + shipping

Ship-Models. Ed. by Geoffrey Holme. Ldn., The Studio, 1923. 4to. IX, 53 pp. With

148 ( 8 mounted in color , 112 full-page ) illustrations

on 128 plts. Gilt stamped orig. cloth. Gilt top edge.

No. 236/1000 copies. – Title in red & black. – Among the models such of so famous ships as the Golden Hind + Revenge (in color) and the Santa Maria, Sovereign of the Seas, Victory, Valmy + Zeelandia, but also less known demons for work. – Especially the upper capital rubbed, the boards discolored. – A pleasure to leaf through for everyone, but for the model-maker the inexhaustible source for details from the coloring over decoration to the rigging.

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