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“ … Tried for the First Time the Use of Movable Signals ”

“ Nederlands laatste zeeheld ”

in Prominent Dedication Copy
with the Rare Supplement Separatum

Kinsbergen – Hall, M(auritz) C(ornelis) van. Het Leven en Karakter van den Admiraal Jhr. Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen. – Bijvoegselen tot den eersten Druk van het … uit den tweden Druk verzameld. 2 vols. With 2 frontispieces in steel engraving as his three-quarter

Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen

portrait after Charles Howard Hodges & the sarcophagus

in de Nieuwe Kerk te Amsterdam, the former engraved by Johannes Philippus Lange (1810 Amsterdam 1849), as well as 7 lithographed plates with 70 reproductions of signatures. Amsterdam, Joh. Müller, 1841-1843. Large 8vo. XXVI pp., 1 l., 340 pp., 1 l. errata; 38 pp. Green orig. wrappers with border on both & vignette on back cover. Uncut.

Accompanied by illustrious provenance and dedicated to His Royal Highness Willem Frederik Hendrik, Prinse van Oranje-Nassau, Kapitein ter Zee, in Dienst van zijne Majesteit den Koning der Nederlanden.



as listed as such also by Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, 4th ed., IX, 744, printed by C. A. Spin on N Pannekoek paper for the far more than 100-years-old publishing house Johannes Müller.

And here then together

Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen: Supplement

with the especially rare supplement separatum ,

the latter as

Dedication note for Johannes Tiberius Bodel Nijenhuis

Present Exemplaar for Johannes Tiberius Bodel Nijenhuis

(Amsterdam 1797 – Leyden 1872; jurist, yet foremost geographer and since 1821 partner of the Leyden publishing house Luchtmans, established 1683 and related to him by kinship, which 1848 devolved upon the long-standing employee Evert Jan Brill and flourishes as Koninklijk Brill NV still today worldwide), whose enormous collection of cartographica lives on as the

Bodel Nijenhuis Collection in the university library Leyden

while his no less rich library was given back to the market in 5 auction sales of the years 1873/74. However, except for his Netherlandish portrait collection of 8500 prints & 59 drawings intended for the 5th sale, yet picked out by the university’s print room in the last minute. See Lugt 268, 1665 & 3006.

Dedication Label

The dedication is per print “PRESENT-AFDRUK VAN DEN SCHRIJVER” and in writing “Den WelEdelen Heere Mr Bodel Nijenhuis te Leyden / Present Exemplaar” on 2 sheet, mounted onto the halved front fly-leaf. On the latter owner’s note of 1845.

Frontispiece of the main volume outside of the admiral engraving quite faintly foxed and with faint tidemark above, that of the supplement outside of the sarcophagus engraving generally foxed. – Pages 81/84 uncut, 91-104 with dog-ear in the wide white lower margin. The back cover of vol. I with losses particularly at head and tail, but firm on the binding.

VAN KINSBERGEN (Doesburg/Gelderland 1735 – Apeldoorn 1819, son of the German-born Jan Henrich K. and grandson of Adam Ginsberg in Salchendorf [Neunkirchen] near Siegen)

“ entered naval service in the 15th year and quickly rose to vice admiral. At the outbreak of the war between the Sublime Porte and Russia in 1771 he entered the service of Empress Catherine II and was given the command over a squadron in the Black Sea. There in September 1773 he defeated

by then still new maneuvers

the by strength by far superior Turkish fleet and

tried for the first time the use of movable signals .

His design for the construction of gunboats as well as a memorandum … on free navigation on the Black Sea … show him as able diplomat and seaman … commanded in 1781 a division of the fleet of Admiral Zoutmann and fought bravely at the Dogger Bank against the English. During the attacks of the French in 1793 and 1794 it were Kinsbergen’s plans for the defense of Moordyk and the Zuiderzee which held the advances of the enemies for some time … later entered Danish service. Returned to Holland in 1806, he was appointed count (of the Dogger Bank) by King Louis and 1811 senator by Napoleon.

Holland owes to him the foundation of the Amsterdam Naval Academy ,

the institute for the deaf and dumb at Groningen, the academies at Utrecht and Harderswijk and several other charitable foundations.

Also his writings on maritime affairs and navel warfare are esteemed .

He was member of several learned societies … Cf. the biography by van Hall [Amsterdam 1841] ” (Meyers, op. cit.).

“ (And) in his will Kinsbergen had disposed inter alia

that the poor descendants of his grandfather Adam Ginsberg ,

who got into trouble without fault, received on application support from the interest of his fortune. (Only) After the last war the payments were suspended ”


And so the municipality of Salchendorf in the Siegerland honored the indirect great son with memorial stone and street just as there are Kinsbergen Straats in The Hague, Amsterdam and elsewhere. The Dutch navy, however, christened several of their vessels after him. And

“ The composer Johann Wilhelm Wilms (Witzhelden 1772 – Amsterdam 1847; ‘His style … shows parallels to Ludwig van Beethoven … considered as most important Dutch composer of his time. Wilms gained great fame by the song Wien Neêrlands Bloed, which was the national anthem of the Netherlands between 1815 and 1932’) has composed his ‘Chants nationaux’ for piano for him. The work published under plate number 191 by the publishing house H. C. Steup (Amsterdam) includes on the title sheet the following text:

‘Chants nationaux selon le Programme de Son Excellence Mr le Lieutt. Amiral J. H. de Kinsbergen,

Grand Croix de differens Ordres en Europe etc. etc. etc. Composés et variés pour [Pianoforte] par J. W. Wilms, Membre de l’Institut royal des Pays-Bas’ ”


Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen / Sarcophagus

Unforgotten , however , up to present day literature like

R. B. Prud’homme van Reine. Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen 1735–1819. Admiraal en Filantroop. Amsterdam, De Bataafsche Leeuw, 1990 (ISBN 90-6707237-0) &

Marie-Josèphe Furet-Ginsberg. Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen (1735–1819) (Master’s thesis University Clermont-Ferrand). German edition ed. by Heimatverein Salchendorf e.V., 57290 Neunkirchen, no year.

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