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Velde I, Van de – (Robinson, Michael & Richard E. J. Weber.) The Willem van de Velde Drawings in the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum. Catalog & 2 plate vols. Rotterdam 1979. 4to. 188; 360; 336 pp. With

c. 676 full- & double-full-page & 23 (ship details) smaller illustrations

in the plate volumes as well as appendix to the text volume further 54 for ship types of the 17th century & 40 for watermarks. Blue orig. cloth in joint slipcase with label on back.


acquired en bloc from private estate in 1866 and except for two by the son added later all originating from the elder van de Velde, who used to neither sign nor sell his sketches taken in the field, rather kept them for own documentary purposes, what furthered their later staying together and lead to such formidable collection as, here, in Rotterdam and then in Greenwich (National Maritime Museum).

Accessed by (ship) technical glossary, inventory index & concordance, the catalog is ordered by Historical Events – Dutch Shipping and Views – English Shipping and Views – Portraits of Dutch Ships – Portraits of English Ships – Portraits of French Ships – Portraits of Ships of Various Nationalities – Miscellaneous. – The historical representations, thus the great naval concentrations, war councils at sea, and encounters, in chronological order and taking up the first plate volume, in the catalog brought back to life by short accounts of the events and the participating ships, squadrons and respective commanders and commandants. The second plate volume above all determined by the

exceedingly detailed hulls

as in this abundance & exactness worked by no other artist .

“ A storehouse of historical facts is opened up by this catalogue, for the number of panoramas of historical events amounts to no less than 277, while in addition 246 large-scale portraits of ships (5 of them even as full-scale reproductions) offer the spectator a review of the maritime world of that period as it were in close-up. Moreover, a group of views of sea and shore (86) with sharply observed landmarks literally provide the backgrounds against which the maritime events took place. ”


lastly by M. Robinson, the former curator of the N. M. Museum and compiler of the catalogs of the van de Velde inventory there (1958 & 1974) and as co-author for the accompanying text by R. E. J. Weber, the maritime historian of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The boards with isolated touch of (most) minimal rubbing, partially a little more one side of the slipcase, otherwise perfect. – Half-title of the text volume with fine professional-calligraphic presentation in italics and red & black :

„ Wees bij het lezen van dit werk / op welk tijdstip Uer ook aan kunt beginnen, / verzekerd van onze beste wensen voor nu en de toekomst. // Medewerkers directoraat a-fakulteiten / 8 mei 1981 “

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