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Articles for the Officers and Sailors on the Convoy Ship and Admiralty Yacht. By the order of One Highly Noble Council of the City of Hamburg. Promulgated Hamburg November 30, 1761. In German. Hamburg, J. E. Piscator, 1761. With large floral opening woodcut vignette, woodcut initial as well as likewise hand of oath on the final page. Sm. 4to. 8 pp. Glued brochure (renewed).

Articles for the Officers and Sailors on the Convoy Ship and Admiralty Yacht

“ All and any who take up on the convoy ship here, or on the Admiralty Yacht, owe to serve faithfully One Highly Noble Council and this City, and to further Her best, to the best of their ability … Everyone has to come, as much as possible, regularly to divine service, and behave properly, do not laugh or talk … On the convoy ship, and on the Yacht, nobody may smoke tobacco below deck, nor go with a burning light without having such in a closed lantern … At annual revision of the inventory officers and sailors … who are not on guard … shall owe to listen to the reading of these articles, and the admonition to their observance. ”

Otherwise on obedience and obligations and rights at work and on guard as well as, concluding, the form of oath to be administered. – Figurative watermarks. – Upper right on the title numbered by old hand. – Of fine freshness.

Offer no. 28,837 | EUR 128. (c. US$ 148.) + shipping