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“ and almost would not be satisfied ”

But also

Freedom of Service for Foreign Shipwrights

Shipwrights Order, The. Given Hamburg August 29, 1631. In German. With floral woodcut vignette and equal initial and L(oco) S(igilli) mark. No place (Hamburg) & printer, 1697. Sm. 4to. 4 unpag. ll. Glued brochure (renewed).

“ Since it has been complained multifariously to the One Honorable Council by merchants and skippers trading at sea that the day-laborers, so work at the ships new or old, burden them with excessive day’s pay, and almost would not be satisfied, by which the shipping and shipbuilding are brought downright off this good city, and almost even might go away, As One Honorable Council has, so that commerce and shipping with this good city should be furthered the better, the following order, to which the masters and day-laborers have to conform to, be published. ”

The Shipwrights Order. Hamburg August 29, 1631

Fixing in 13 sections working hours and day’s pay – in summer “to old custom from Easter till Michaelmas … The Winter, from Michaelmas till Easter” – including “free ship beer” at otherwise own fare uniformly and compulsorily. In case of works at ships lying “outside of the bridges” the masters have to provide at adequate deduction from pay – 18 instead of 26 shilling in summer, 14 instead of 18 in winter – beside the beer also the fare. Outside of the city towards Altona and Neumühlen there are beside free fare & beer also two shilling extra pay, apprentices generally receive less. Further

“ also both alien master shipwrights and day-laborers who have learned their function at other places honestly and sincerely

shall be allowed to work here freely and unhindered .

And in so far as the shipwrights or day-laborers covet some dangerous allying, assault or threat against the alien masters, workers, and day-laborers arriving here, the same shall be punished severely by the jurisdiction with money or jail as to the occasion of the forfeiture. ”

Crown watermark. – One tear-off of c. ½ × ½ in (1.4 × 1.2 cm) in the white outer margin of the title leaf added and generally browned and slightly time-marked.

Offer no. 28,835 | EUR 148. (c. US$ 179.) + shipping