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After 70 Years available again

Regulation on the Commissioned Wasser=Schout’s in Hamburg Office and Execution. Given Hamburg August 31, 1691. In German. Hamburg, Conrad König, no year. With armorial woodcut vignette held by two lions on the title and floral woodcut vignette at the beginning. Sm. 4to. 4 unpag. ll. Stitching and old glued brochure.

Stating in 10 sections the obligations of and towards the Wasserschout as well as the respective charges:

Regulation On The Commissioned Wasser=Schout’s In Hamburg Office and Execution

“ The Wasser=Schout shall keep a register of all seafaring persons … He shall give evidence to the one who thusly has registered himself in a bill printed for this purpose by insertion of his name that he is registered in the aforethought manner …

“ No skipper shall be entitled to engage some officers, sailors, or boys, except this can produce aforesaid paper, and that he besides has good certificate by the Wasser=Schout (who in every case has to be present and be requested on the engagement …) on his good behavior, also before had not been engaged by someone else …

“ Which therefore are hired shall go aboard within 24 hours, help there … and go onshore again no more here as outside of the country, or stay there overnight … ”

In the case of runaway and not caught sailors the Wasserschout has to reimburse captains or shipowners for already paid-off parts of the pay. Further in case of disputes

“ the sailors shall not use abusive words against the skipper … but at once go to the Wasser=Schout, and the same shall … go with plaintiffs to the judge, and await the decision there. What now is decided there, and is not above 10 Imperial Thaler (for in cases of higher sums can be appealed to the Admiralty) the Wasser=Schout shall execute in accordance with this city’s laws. ”

Further the Wasserschout is given the police power for the apprehension of offenders and their handing over to the judge “in crime cases, by land and by water, among skippers and sailors”.

The brown adhesive back torn in the lower part and done acid-freely. In the white upper margin on the left c. 18 mm wide, 3-5 mm deep tear-off. – Fine copy.

Offer no. 28,834 | EUR 198. (c. US$ 239.) + shipping