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The Rugendas Letters:
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Circular Decree by the (royal Danish) Supreme Court of Schleswig at Gottorff of August 29, 1826, in regard of the clearance of the crafts loading and unloading in the Flensburg Fiord. Schleswig, Serringhausensche Buchdruckerei, (1825). Sm. 4to. 3 pp. on double sheet. With title vignette with royal monogram (Frederick VI) under crown as well as L(oco) S(igilli) stamp in woodcut and printed signatures Spies + Scholtz as well as of the clerk Otte.

Clearance in Flensburg Fiord Aug. 29, 1826

Proclamation of the royal resolution of February 1st of the year according to which on “remonstrance of the General Customs Chamber and Commercial Council … all ships and crafts which the goods named in chapters 81 and 82 of the customs statute of 8th July 1803 … have to be cleared at Holnis from now on” (until now at Holnis, Eckensund, and Steinberghaff). – On laid paper untrimmed on three sides with two separate watermarks.

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