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Poster by Frederick VI, King of Denmark etc., Duke of Schleswig, Holstein … as also of Oldenburg etc. for the Duchies Schleswig and Holstein in regard of a limitation of the poster of 21st July 1822 in regard of the repeal of the ban against the use of the Süderstapel ferry just as a change and expansion of the penal provisions of chapters 202 and 203 of the customs statute (of July 8, 1803). Issued Copenhagen May 25, 1826. Same place, Jens Hostrup Schultz, (1826). Fol. in sm. 4to folding. 5 pp. on one sheet. With royal armorial woodcut with the L(oco) S(igilli) stamp as well as printed royal signature, that of Sehestedt, those of Oldenburg, Schleyer, Kirstein, v. Schmidt-Phiseldek as well as the clerk Malling.

Süderstapel Ferry May 25, 1826

Danish-German parallel text. – Modification to the effect “that only duty-paid foreign goods, domestic products and native fabrications together with livestock and horses, by no means though foreign unadjusted goods shall be transported by the said ferry across the Lower Eider”. Follow in two paragraphs the penal provisions (like those already per Sep. 24, 1825, at the Stör, see 28,799) including likewise the private boat owners. – For a stiffening preventive decree against black shipping of goods for the Eider see 28,803. – On laid paper untrimmed on all sides.

Offer no. 28,800 | EUR 78. (c. US$ 94.) + shipping