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Poster by the (Royal Danish) General Customs Chamber and Commercial Council for the Duchies Schleswig and Holstein of September 24, 1825, in regard of a penal provision because of illegal transport of goods across the Stör. Copenhagen, Jens Hostrup Schultz, (1825). Sm. 4to. 3 pp. on double sheet. With L(oco) S(igilli) stamp in woodcut, the signature of Sehestedt, those of 11 further ones as well as that of the clerk Wedel.

Illegal Transport Sep. 24, 1825

Danish-German parallel text. – Proclamation of the royal permission of the 14th of the month “that for the future the regulation of chap. 203 of the customs statute of the 8th July 1803 … is applicable also for the residents at the Stör who keep boats and use these for the illegal merchandise transport across the Stör, or … have to be used”. – For a corresponding provision for the Eider of May 25, 1826, see 28,800 and for a stiffened preventive one of Sep. 16, 1828, offer no. 28,803. – On laid paper untrimmed on three sides.

Offer no. 28,799 | EUR 67. (c. US$ 81.) + shipping