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Poster by the (royal Danish) Admiralty and Commission Board of September 1, 1825, according to which the skippers shall no longer be obliged to enter written contracts with their crew if the crafts commanded by them carry only 16 commercial tonnages or below. Copenhagen, Jens Hostrup Schultz, (1825). Sm. 4to. 3 pp. on double sheet. With L(oco) S(igilli) stamp printed together with signatures of Steen-Bille + Grove as well as the clerk Raven.

Contracts with Crew Sep. 1, 1825

Proclamation that according to the royal resolution of Aug. 26 that year chap. 1. letter a. of the statute of 19th June 1807 shall be changed to the effect: that … (s. a.) whereas they still shall be bound though when hiring a sailor to give him a contract book, and enter therein, with their autograph signature, the contract concluded between them, it may be concluded oral or in writing, so as likewise later everything that is paid to the sailor for it … By the modification above, however, the marine superintendents at the places where such are set up shall not be deprived of the official income intended for them”.

Danish-German parallel text. – On laid paper untrimmed on three sides, its slightly cracky reverse right outer edge backed acid-freely if applicable.

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