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The Rugendas Letters:
Johann Moritz Rugendas’
First Voyage to Brazil

The Sections of Cap Trafalgar
The First Prussian Maritime Atlas
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Poster by Frederick VI, King of Denmark etc., Duke of Schleswig, Holstein … as also of Oldenburg etc. by which the use of the royal sea letters is lifted completely. Issued Copenhagen April 8, 1825. Same place, Jens Hostrup Schultz, (1825). Sm. 4to. 3 pp. on double sheet. With royal armorial woodcut vignette with the L(oco) S(igilli) stamp as well as printed royal signature, that of Sehestedt, those of Oldenburg, Schleyer, Kirstein, v. Schmidt-Phiseldek as well as the clerk Malling.

Sea Letters Apr. 8. 1825

Danish-German parallel text. – For the purpose of general equation abrogation of the passport obligation now also for extra-European voyages “as the same was already repealed by poster of April 1, 1815, for the cruise in the European waters and the Mediterranean Sea”. – On laid paper untrimmed on three sides.

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