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License by Frederick VI, King of Denmark etc., Duke of Schleswig, Holstein … as also of Oldenburg etc. in regard of the examination those skippers have to undergo who want to obtain a license as Elbe skippers, for the Duchy Holstein. Issued Frederiksberg Castle September 9, 1823. Copenhagen, Schultzische Officin, (1823). Sm. 4to. 11 pp. With royal armorial woodcut vignette with the L(oco) S(igilli) stamp as well as printed royal signature and those of Rothe, Hammerich, Jensen, Höpp as well as the clerk Langheim. Contemporary glued brochure.

Elbe Skipper License Sep. 9, 1823

Danish-German parallel text. – Proceeding on the assumption that “those skippers who sail the Elbe and contact one of the Elbe customs offices named in chap. 16 of the Elbe Shipping Act of 23rd June 1821 have to produce there (in accordance with) chap. 4.” of the act a license, have to turn for such one to their local authorities – “in Our town Altona the Supreme President” – for the purpose of professional test and “examination of the ship (to be commanded) and have to comply with the requirements stated in seven chapters”. Basic requirements:

Subject of the country – age of 16 – scanty reading, writing, and calculating – four years experience on the Elbe as shipboy or shiphand – if liable to military service permission to leave the circuit – no confinement in a penitentiary, especially “for embezzlement of ship goods”. – Follow 2 pages forms. – On laid paper. – Fine copy .

Offer no. 28,794 / EUR  158. (c. US$ 191.) + shipping