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A Consul-General for Elbe Affairs

Proclamation by the Royal Holstein=Lauenburg Supreme Court at Glückstadt of April 28, 1823, in regard of the establishment of a consulate-general by the Imperial Austrian Government with provisional seat at the Bohemian government at Prague, for which office Joseph Eichhoff, previous secretary at the Dresden Elbe Shipping Commission, has been appointed. The authorities in the duchy Holstein are ordered to co-operate with the said and charged “to meet applications by the same with greatest possible compliance, just as likewise to communicate with readiness the more detailed information and news probably requested by him”. No place & printer, (1823). Fol. 1 p. on double leaf. With the printed signatures of C. L. Baron of Brockdorff + M. Feldmann as well as the clerk Löck.

Consul-General for Elbe Affairs Apr. 28, 1823

FRAMING-WORTHY BROADSHEET on laid paper watermarked VDL untrimmed all around.

Offer no. 28,791 | EUR 74. (c. US$ 89.) + shipping