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Elbe Winter Risks reflected by the Ferry Fees

Glückstadt – Draft, Royally Approved, for a New Fee for the Ferrymen of the City of Glückstadt. Issued by president, mayor and council Glückstadt September 27, 1820. No place & printer, (1820). Sm. 4to. 4 unpag. leaves. Supposedly contemporary glued brochure.

Ferry Fees Glückstadt Sep. 27. 1820

Interim fee approved per Sep. 1, 1820, and proclaimed by the governorship per 20th the same “which can be changed according to circumstances or completely lifted again”, otherwise based on chapters 24, 58 + 59 of the Guild Order of January 9, 1700, and fixing the passenger fees + freightage for Hamburg + Altona as well as Stade and Freyburg, with the freightage for the former two being listed in greatest detail on nearly six pages. The general basic fees subdivided in summer half-year (Apr. 1. – Sep. 30.) and more expensive winter half-year. Departures for Stade on Mondays, for Freyburg on Thursdays. In case of cancellation of these ferry dates “the travelers are free to use another ship for this voyage without being bound to the guild”. And “Every traveler who requests transportation (to the said four stations) at unusual times and pays the load determined for a whole craft has the right to take with him (whomsoever and whatsoever he pleases) without having to pay for it in particular”. – On laid paper. – Stained and with faint tidemark around the lower white outer margin.

Offer no. 28,790 | EUR 98. (c. US$ 118.) + shipping