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Exemption from Duty here ,

Royal Elbe Customs Court there

Publication by the Bremen and Verden Governmental Commission in regard of the legitimization and visitation of all and any ships that are to pass upstream the sovereign Elbe customs place before the Schwinge and the Royal Electoral guard-ship anchored there on the Elbe River. Issued Stade July 5, 1814. Sm. folio. 3 pp. on double sheet. With printed signatures of v. Marschalck, v. Lütcken + Haltermann.

Exemption from Duty July 5, 1814

Procedure against the dodging of the exemption from duty granted to “the so-called inland skippers, especially the residents on the left bank of the Lower Elbe and the joining smaller rivers of the Bremen territory under inclusion of the county Hadeln and the Authority Ritzebüttel as no less the skippers from the cities of Hamburg and Altona, likewise the residents of the right bank of the Elbe down from Altona till Neufeld in South Dittmarschen for their particular crafts as also local products and fabrications (as especially firewood, peat, hay, straw, bricks, tiles)” till now and also generally in future with if necessary the customs clearance Neuhaus and the Board of Customs and Excise Brunshausen as competent starting points for necessary papers of legitimization with otherwise civilian river control whenever practicable, which is further relieved for “The commanders of the fishing evers as soon as they want to sail Elbe upstream by the customs guard-ship on this side”. If necessary though it must be reckoned “with fine or corporal punishment, or even with the confiscation (of the) ship and its cargo”. – On laid paper untrimmed on all sides.

Offer no. 28,789 | EUR 168. (c. US$ 203.) + shipping