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The Rugendas Letters:
Johann Moritz Rugendas’
First Voyage to Brazil

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The First Prussian Maritime Atlas
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Proclamation by the Royal Danish Holstein Supreme Court at Glückstadt of July 6, 1813, in regard of the renunciation of the royal resolution of Apr. 8 same year, according to which the “use of the flags of Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck and others” had been granted. With the restriction, however, that “ships and crafts that have brought grain up to ⅔ of their tonnage to Norway, or in future will bring, may set sail to any foreign harbor unhindered and without any confiscation under any circumstances and political conditions, under which flag they ever may go, even the above mentioned flags not exempted, and whose citizens of foreign nations such ship or craft may belong to.”. No place & printer, (1813). Sm. folio. 1 p. With printed signatures of the C. L. Baron of Brockdorff + M. Feldmann as well as the clerk F. G. Koch.

FRAMING-WORTHY BROADSHEET on laid paper untrimmed on three sides.

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