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Cadets Training :

Ship Types and Strategies

of the French Navy

Ozanne, (Nicolas-Marie). Marine militaire ou recueil des differens vaisseaux qui servent a la guerre suivis des Manœuvres qui ont le plus de raport au combat ainsi qua l’ataque et la defense des ports. A. Paris. Chez l’auteur, rue S. Thomas du Louvre. la 4e. Porte Coch. à gauche en entrait par la rue S. Honoré, (1762). 4to. 2 ll. etched ornamental title and illus. armorial dedication, 50 ll. with

50 ( 1 double full-size ) full-page etchings ,

45 of which with charming ship or fleet illustration in the upper third related to the etched text and – mostly – track sketch, legend, or small vignette in the lower margin as well as 5 full-page text etchings including dedication, introduction, and plate index. H. vellum with calligraphic title “Marine Militaire a la Guerre” at the spine.

Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Dedication)Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Title)

Cat. Nederl. Scheepvaart Mus. 750; Cat. gen. 128, 786; Cat. Ornament Print Collection Berlin 1463; Polak 7234; Cohen-R. 778. – A later edition with the additional address “Chés J. François Chereau rue S. Jacques auec 2. Pilliers d’Or” in the lower margin of the title etching. – Typographic & figurative watermark fragments. – Dedicated to Duke Etienne-François de Choiseul (1719-1785), Lieutenant General and Secretary of War & Navy (1761-66) as well as Knight of the Golden Fleece (1761). His coat of arms surrounded by chain, crown, and royal order just as by maritime insignia as sail, flag, spar, blocks, and net. – Quite isolated plates evenly weakly browned, two quires with slight tidemark in the white lower margin. Beside of the somewhat more affected titles & dedication as well as one plate with larger light brown spot in the illustration part only here and there smaller color or brown spots and as a whole a

very fine clean copy

Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Fluyt)Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Ship of 50 Guns)

of this exceedingly charming textbook .

Starting with representations and descriptions of the different ships of 120, 90, 80, 74, 64, 50, 40, and 12 guns used in the navy, further incendiary ship, flute, bombing galliot, sloop, galley & galeas, brigantine, xebec, and boats.

Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Frigate)Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Galeas)

Following this illustrating, explaining, and showing up the numerous movements of squadrons set for march, battle, pursuit or retreat, attack or defense of a harbor. Among these beside the classic frozen line the battle between ships lying side by side, breaking into the hostile line both luff and lee, depriving the enemy of the wind, forcing him to fight or avoid contact, forcing a passage, on roads, landing of troops at a bridge-head as well as general cruising orders.

And therefore covering all the tactical parts of naval warfare

cadets have to learn

Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Action)Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Chasse)

for first as officers to execute the orders of the commanders ,

later then to be able to give these themselves .

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