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Not known to Hitler :

The unsurpassed Wealth of Facts & Continuity

of the



Das Kriegstagebuch der deutschen Seekriegsleitung von 1939-1945. Part A. (KTB 1. Skl. Tl. A). Facsimile. Edited by the Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt and the Marine-Offizier-Vereinigung. 68 in 76 vols. 1988-97. C. 35,000 pp. Navy-blue orig. binding.

One of 500 copies only. – With concluding supplementary booklet with scientific introduction, list of abbreviations, organization schemes, and the most important naval square maps planned. – Handwritten annotations & corrections, additions and hints on corresponding important files transcribed, explained, and added in each case. – Comprising the 68months-span from August 15, 1939 to April 20, 1945, the journal is not confined to the warfare at sea & naval questions only, but includes also political, strategic, and armament-economic facts, representing the respective knowledge of the Supreme Commander of the naval forces. According to this the annotations and tick offs until 1943 by Admiral Raeder, then by Dönitz. In its contents not known to Hitler or other parts of the Wehrmacht, the diary was closed daily ( “sic! , as was not a common practice”, Michael Salewski, Kiel ) and thus offers an otherwise not known continuity and highest authenticity at the same time.

“ The journals of the Naval Warfare Command – exemplary designed and supplementing each other – were unjustly seen till now only as military source material and thus ignored by researchers. Because the navy including its supreme commander Raeder suffered from the trauma of the revolutionary uprisings by the sailors in 1918, in the time of Hitler it was bent on loyality and political neutrality. This doctrinaire unpolitical attitude obliged the navy chronists to registrate all informations available to them carefully and without any comment.

“ Of outstanding value of source especially the general journal of the Naval Warfare Command (KTB 1. Skl. Tl. A) comprising with its volumes the years 1939/45 as unsurpassable for every theme concerning World War II. For the last years of war it acts together with other military files as

the only political source ,

because equivalent files are missing in the Political Archives Bonn … The KTB 1. Skl. surpasses in its political value of statement the edited four-volume journal of the Supreme Command (OKW) by far ”

(Bernd Martin, Freiburg, paragraphs, bold types & spacing not in the original).

Brought to the castle of Tambach near Coburg in 1943, together with numerous other naval files the diary fell into the hands of the Americans, who handed it over to the British as agreed upon. With those other files in the years from 1959 to 1977 it came into the possession of the Military-historical Research Department and the Military Archives resp. Among these also the files on the submarine warfare. Only the whereabouts of the journals of the submarine flotillas as well as of the Commander Submarine West remain unknown.

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