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Brun, Schiffarten

As Ship’s Doctor to the Gold Coast

Brun, Samuel. Des Wundartzet vnd Burgers zu Basel Schiffarten: Welche er in etliche newe Länder und Insulen zu fünff onderschiedlichen malen mit Gottes hülff gethan: An jetzo aber auff begeren vieler ehrlicher Leuthen selbs beschrieben: vnd menniglichen mit kurtzweil vnd nutz zu läsen in Truck kommen lassen. (The Surgeon’s and Basel Citizen’s Voyages: Which he did to Several New Countries and Islands at Five Different Times with the Help of God.) Basel, Joh. Jac. Genaths, 1624. 4 ll., 132 pp., 2 ll. FACSIMILE. With an introduction by Walter Hirschberg (XXXI pp.) and 6 plates after the Hulsius edition of 1626. Graz 1969. Orig. imitation leather in orig. ill. dust jacket in red & black.

(Early Travels and Voyages in Original Reports) 8. – Jacket a little worn, otherwise as new. – After an apprenticeship as barber and years of travel in Electoral Palatinate, in 1611 Brun, born Basel 1590, went to Amsterdam. After a short employment ashore he signed up as surgeon on the Meermann, which in December put to sea for an almost two-year voyage to New Guinea. With short interruptions only until August 1620 two more voyages follow to Upper Guinea and the Gold Coast resp., then, till 1621, into the Mediterranean to fight the pirates there and further on to Alexandrette (İskenderun) in Syria. Between the 2nd and 3rd voyage to the Gold Coast the first voyage into the Mediterranean, titled the fifth, with the climax of a shipwreck. After the 1621 pirate cruise Brun returned to Basel, where he died 1668 after two marriages and numerous offices.

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