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Velde – (Robinson, Michael S.). Van de Velde Drawings. Catalogue of Drawings in the National Maritime Museum made by the Elder and the Younger Willem van de Velde. 2 vols. Cambridge 1973 f. Large 4to. X, 452; XII, 360 pp. With

696 illustrations on 344 plates .

Catalog of the about 1300 drawings in Greenwich consisting especially of the collections of the grand dukes in Weimar, acquired in 1932, Sir James Caird and – the half or so – Sir Bruce Ingram. – Title in blue + black. – Both in chronological and subject order: Historical – Dutch Ships – English Ships – Ships of various nationalities – Dutch shipping – English shipping – Miscellaneous . Respectively with notes to technique, measurements in inch + millimeter, watermarks, and provenances just as description of events inclusive of the concerned flag officers and the ships resp. with, so far to determine, years of building and use. Added by description and reproduction of 79 partly varying watermarks (22 pp.), coat of arms, as they had been led thoroughly changing and in such a way are of special interest for the dating of the drawing, just as arms of provinces and towns, drawn up to the identification of individual ships (6 pp.). As likewise helpful to chronological order a 5 page illustrated chronological table on especially ship technical changes + innovations. Furthermore a 12 page ship technical dictionary just as 5 page illustration of the ship types of all sizes in the 17th century. – Separate index in vol. I + cumulated in the 2nd volume. – Vol. I reprint-edition of the 1958 original ed.

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