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The Rugendas Letters:
Johann Moritz Rugendas’
First Voyage to Brazil

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Rugendas, Johann Moriz (traveler in South America, painter, draughtsman, engraver + lithographer, Augsburg 1802 – Weilheim/Teck 1858). Autograph letter in German with signature to the Ulm music director Wilhelm Speidel. Without place “5th April 1854”. In-8. 1 page plus address on double leaf.

Provenance: Adalbert Frhr. von Lanna. – With blind stamped crown stamp. – Folded repeatedly, three small tears repaired acid-free. – “To Herrn Speidel Esq. music director. / My dear Mr. Speidel. One has not to have a lot (?) self-assurance or it must rest deep inside if one gives away such scribble as a drawing for an album. But I had been so busy these days that this is all I can offer you. Remember once there might follow a better one and think of me friendly Yours sincerely M. Rugendas”.

Speidel (Ulm 1826 – Stuttgart 1899), “music teacher and composer … son of the music teacher and singer there, Konrad S. … got his education at the high school at Ulm … Since 1843 he continued his musical studies in Munich where he was instructed in composition by Ignaz Lachner … (he distinguished himself) especially by his profound interpretation of Beethoven’s sonatas … (Instructed) 1846/7 at Thann/Alsace as private tutor in the Kestner family … the great-granddaughters of Goethe’s Lotte in music … appeared in most larger towns in Germany as piano virtuoso. In 1855 (according to the address here already in 1854) S. was appointed as music director at the top of the choral society in Ulm, but already in 1857 he moved to Stuttgart where he (co-founded) the music school that later changed to the Royal Conservatory … From 1857 to 1885 he directed the choral society there and imparted to the choir his … much adored expression and freedom of recitation … ” (Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie LIV, 409).

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