Looked over the Artist’s Shoulder

Wartburg – Illustrations for a cigar box or pipe tobacco of a tobacco manufacturer in Hamburg or Bremen. 3 sheet on strong paper. C. 1920. With registration nos. by hand: C 454, a-c.


  1. Painterly detailed fine version as extensive palace on woody hilltop including the tower at the outer bailey, but not with the gate’s tower at the draw bridge. Pen and ink drawing in various brown tones and with fine contrast to the light clouding. With gilt tooled borderline, lower in double line with black inner edge. 4 × 6⅛ in (103 × 155 mm).

  2. The palace in outline on the hilltop styled as a tobacco leaf or cloud behind rose bouquet with gilt tooled lyre before as allusion to the minstrel’s contest. Behind all the beams of the rising sun. Pen and ink in brown. 2¾ × 4¾ in (70 × 120 mm).

  3. Palace with bailey’s tower on woody hilltop below clouds. Pencil with triple rim in gold + black. Sketch for a) with prepared text field above. 4¾ × 4¼ in (120 × 107 mm).

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