Fanny Elssler (as Cachucha Dancer)

Fanny Elssler. The famous ballet-dancer, 1810-1884, as cachucha dancer in the 3rd act of the “Balett du Diable boiteux”. On outlined roses, looking at a finished solitary flower in the raised left. Design sketch in oval enclosed by two blooming tobacco plants and ornamentation. Pencil (the Elssler) & brush with gold relief painting on cardboard. C. 1920. Designated as above. 4¾ × 4 in (120 × 101 mm).

Cigar-Box Illustration Design with sketched design of the young diva, “who ecstasiated all Europe” (Max Osborn, 1910), for the finished design O#3733, cf. Moufang, Alt-Berlin in Porzellan (available here as no. 56/100 copies of the luxury edition in vellum), no. 108 + plate 20 along with description p. 18, as color true reproduction from the rectangular pan (12¼ × 8⅝ in [31 × 22 cm], instead of the Latin American sujets here flowers there) of the Berlin Porcelain Cabinet quoting on its part the color lithograph by Charles E. Motte (1785-1836) “Fanny Elßler, Balett du Diable boiteux 3rd act” the preparatory drawing of which his son-in-law Achille Devéria (1800-1857) had worked after the bronze statuette of Jean Auguste Barre (1811-1896).

“ Fanny Elssler celebrated her first triumphs in Berlin in 1830. After great successes in the European capitals and after she also had created a sensation in America in 1841 she retired from the stage in 1851 ”


Instantly after her touring Cuba 1845 she figured on a cigar-box label there as so far earliest known celebrity label. – Below within the oval written reg. no. “zu # 3733”. – Traces of mounting on the back.

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