(Fanny Elssler as Cachucha Dancer)

(Fanny Elssler.) The famous ballet dancer, 1810-1884, as cachucha dancer in the 3rd act of the “Balett du Diable boiteux”. On roses looking at a solitary flower in the raised left. On both sides small Latin American sujets. With ornamental linings and closed on both sides by two separate ornamental pieces on paper mounted at the top only, the left of which inscribed on the back “El Patronato”. Brush with gold relief painting on cardboard. C. 1920. 5 × 5⅞ in (128 × 200 mm).

Cf. Moufang, Alt-Berlin in Porzellan (available here as no. 56/100 copies of the luxury edition in vellum), no. 108 + plate 20 with description p. 18. – CIGAR-BOX ILLUSTRATION DESIGN. – Lower right in the white margin written reg. no. O#3733 in ink, traces of mounting on the back. – Also see following both the sketched design of the diva in oval designated “Fanny Elssler” & charmingly lined sketched design of the left of the two landscape sujets above.

Pictorially as well as in color true reproduction of the still youthful dancer, “who ecstasiated all Europe” (Max Osborn, 1910), from the rectangular pan (12¼ × 8⅝ in [31 × 22 cm], instead of the Latin American sujets here flowers there) of the Berlin Porcelain Cabinet quoting on its part the color lithograph by Charles E. Motte (1785-1836) “Fanny Elßler, Balett du Diable boiteux 3rd act” the preparatory drawing of which his son-in-law Achille Devéria (1800-1857) had worked after the bronze statuette of Jean Auguste Barre (1811-1896). Devéria’s “high-grade œuvre is an important evidence of the intellectual and chic society of his time, and partly he expresses an erotically affecting sympathetic understanding. His soft, subtle and skillful character stands comparison with the drawings by J. A. D. Ingres” (AKL, mentioning the portrait – erroneously “Essler” – within the group of his best worked between 1828 + 1835 as well as Thieme-Becker the statuette by Barre [“Elsler”]).

“ Fanny Elssler celebrated her first triumphs in Berlin in 1830. After great successes in the European capitals and after she also had created a sensation in America in 1841 she retired from the stage in 1851 ”


Instantly after her touring Cuba 1845 she figured on a cigar-box label there as so far earliest known celebrity label.

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