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Conclusion of the Monumental National Edition of the Works of


in Facsimile

Leonardo da Vinci. Codex Arundel. Ed. by Carlo Pedretti. 2 vols. 1999. Large fol. (19¼ × 13⅜ in [48.8 × 34 cm]). C. 350 pp. With illustrations and

312 facsimiles on 156 plates.

Dark-brown orig. leather vol./box on 5 ornamental raised bands.

Edizione Nazionale. – The commentary volume (in Italian) contains besides the transcription of the manuscript-pages introduction, commentaries, concordance, bibliography, watermarks record and indices. And thus once more a

manyfold material

which has been composed posthumously only like the other important collection, the Codex Atlanticus.

The span of the Codex Arundel ranges from the early description of the prehistoric sea monster and the fearful cavern (c. 1478/80) to the latest projects for the majestic royal residence at Romorantin/France (c. 1518). Between these extracts from four decades on art, science, and technology. Sheets that Leonardo himself kept loose pending their final arrangement. And thus a volume in which the sheets have come to be gathered without any criteria of subject-matter grouping or chronological sequence. With the exception of those famous 40 sheets running under the 22nd March of 1508 which in the past resulted in the false estimation the whole codex would come from that late time. On the contrary, it will be repeated, it is

a reflection of the whole universal creativeness ,

published in its original for the first time .

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