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Leonardo —

When Aviation grew Wings

Leonardo da Vinci. Codex on the Flight of Birds (Il Codice sul Volo degli Uccelli) in the Royal Library at Turin. Manuscript illustrated throughout, repeatedly in color. 1505 (1506?). 8¼ × 5⅞ in (210 × 150 mm). 18 leaves plus inscribed pastedowns of the stitched boards. FACSIMILE EDITION in the original size and the original colors along with text volume (in English, 4to, 90 pp.) with introduction & transcription of the manuscript by Augusto Marinoni. 1976. Dark brown orig. leather clamshell case with silk lining.

Leonardo da Vinci, Flight of Birds


ed. by the LEONARDO COMMITTEE appointed by the President of the Republic and presented here in the edition for the Anglo-Saxon market.

Thematically in its long-term effect as constituting

the  theoretical  foundation  for  the  pioneers  of  aviation ,

Leonardo da Vinci, Flight of Birds

Otto  Lilienthal & the  brothers  Wright ,

yet doubtlessly belonging to the most interesting experiments of Leonardo’s.

“ In (these) notes, which make no continuous text, Leonardo concentrates himself entirely on the exact observation of nature. So for instance he discovers and speculates about the wing thumb , that little bone in front of the wing’s hand, which serves the bird, beside tail and wing, for steering. The easily overlooked anatomical detail already figures in Frederick II of Hohenstaufen’s (1212-1250) book on falconry … (His) thinking and argumentation in pictures flanks a text which mostly seems to refer to the construction of that mechanical bird which Leonardo devised as flying instrument and whose artificial wings are explained in detailed schemata … In the ‘Codex Atlanticus’ Leonardo has … mused that ‘man can subjugate the air with large wings conceived especially for this by putting up strength against her resistance and so overcomes it and so can rise above her’ ”

(Andreas Beyer, Ihm träumt, es knackt der Flügeldaumen, in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 21, 2001).

Leonardo pure here then rendered as if you hold his original sketchbook in your hands, yet accompanied by confronting transcribed legibility along with introduction and annotations of definitive state of knowledge.

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– – The same as Il Codice sul Volo degli Uccelli of the original Italian edition

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– – The same as Manuscrit sur le vol des oiseaux of the French edition

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– – The same as Traktat über den Flug der Vögel of the German license edition, laid into cloth setting within the text volume (4to [12 × 8½ in / 30.5 × 21.5 cm], 86 pp., the first two of which white) with introduction & transcription (German-Italian parallel text) of the manuscript by Augusto Marinoni and its translation into German with critical annotations by Sigrid Braunfels. Würzburg, Popp, 1978. Hand-bound dark brown orig. leather on 4 raised bands with gilt title on spine in equal orig. leather slipcase. – No. 214/800 copies, as good as new except for the torn holding ribbon of the facsimile inlay. – Printed & bound in Italy, thus also in the noble dark brown leather of the original edition.

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